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Welcome to nfrastructure!

At nfrastructure, we continually look for ways to help our customers achieve operational excellence so that they have a greater ability to innovate. We do that first and foremost by delivering unmatched performance to many large enterprise customers.

Over the years, our work with our customers and partners has introduced us to some of the world’s most experienced and innovative executives and engineers. Some time ago, we saw an opportunity to continuously capture and catalog the thoughts and work of these bright people. Today, this catalog defines how we do business and what nfrastructure is all about. It defines how we treat customers, partners and employees. It defines our engineering and operations process and technology. It defines our ethics and commitment to social responsibility.

I have been personally involved in many of our projects and know how powerful it can be to get exposure to ideas from beyond the walls of your own organization. It is energizing to share innovative and fresh thinking—and gain insights and perspectives that can lead to disruptive value—value that breaks the barrier of incremental gain. Also, having members who represent the commercial, academia and public sectors adds yet another perspective that can strengthen our thinking. Through this work we have discovered new ways to create operational excellence and innovation for our customers—and for nfrastructure.

Our goal at nfrastructure is to be the first choice for large enterprises seeking technology infrastructure design, build, and support solutions. We are committed to achieving this goal through continuous investment in what nfrastructure is all about—never being outworked or outclassed and doing whatever it takes for each customer to win.

If you are a current customer or partner, thank you for your business. If you are not, we’d like the chance to help you deliver excellence to your organization.

Daniel T. Pickett III
President & CEO

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