nfrastructure 7 Values


Close to 25 years ago nfrastructure was founded in the basement of a liquor store in upstate New York.  nfrastructure was founded as a direct result of a problem encountered: the chaos and inefficiency in building and managing large networks.  Solving the issue of lots of people…doing lots of things…in lots of different places through the use technology and innovation has provided tremendous opportunity.  This opportunity has resulted in the success of a company that even today, almost 25 years later, remains focused on the same core business idea. 

nfrastructure now proudly employs close to 300 full-time employees and partners with some of the world’s most admired brands, many of them Fortune 500 companies, including financial institutions, retailers, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, government agencies, manufacturers, and more.  nfrastructure also partners with an extensive range of the world’s leading technology hardware, software and services companies to develop solutions for its customers.

A few years back, nfrastructure defined what makes its culture so uniquely successful and summed it up into three words: Insight, execution, and results.  These values are built into every customer relationship, every new hire decision, and every internal relationship.  Insight ensures that we have the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of what we deliver.  Execution ensures that we deliver on time, every time.  Results require that we execute successfully and exceed expectations.  This innovative culture has resulted in overwhelmingly satisfied customers, partners and employees as well as an embedded emphasis on social responsibility.

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